Questions and answers:

How long can a puppy be held after placing a deposit?

Puppies can be held for a week after a deposit, unless the puppy is a very young puppy, then we expect the puppy to be picked up or shipped at 8 or 9 weeks of age….sometimes it’s better for a puppy to wait an extra week or two, depending on their’ progress with eating, walking, etc. in that case the puppy will be able to go when the vet and Robert have agreed it’s ready to go, and only after a vet check up. *If you are purchasing a slightly older puppy, you may notice a reduced price, these puppies are ready to go, and we can hold for up to a week with a deposit. In certain circumstances, a puppy CAN be held past the normal time, for an additional kennel fee… The normal kennel fee is $100.00 per week. This would include any additional vaccinations, and dewormings your puppy may need before it goes home. This must be mutually agreed upon by us and the new owners.

What should we feed our puppy? How much?

Our puppies are all eating Life’s Abundance “All Life Stages” for puppies and adults…all puppies go home with some to start, but we request that you order the food and have it ready before your puppy comes home, if you do not have it available, we will send enough to last a few days. Our recommendations for feeding is 2 X per day, or 3 X for extra small puppies, and this is to be increased as they grow….a puppy under 8 lbs would generally eat about 1/3rd of a cup 3 X per day…in addition to that, they can also have a small portion of treats. 8-12  lb. puppies would generally eat about 1/2 cup 2X per day…a larger or older puppy can generally eat 3/4 cup 2X per day.

We have a lot of questions about training, bulldogs in general, selecting a puppy, etc.

If you have numerous questions, it’s much easier and takes less time if you call us, we don’t mind sending photos to people with deposits that have reserved a puppy, but it’s serious inquiries only please. 330-858-4487, 330-858-4488

We live out of state, how can we get our puppy if we can’t come pick up?