Welcome to our puppy delivery/transport page...

We can meet you at Akron/Canton airport free of charge.... But IF you are unable to fly into Akron/Canton, there are pet-nannies available...(These pet nannies are NOT employed by us... We have simply used their' services and found them to be very good).


We, (Della or Holly) can meet you at one of the following airports for the listed charge:

Akron/Canton Airport, Ohio (CAK) - $80.00 (This is in the rare event that you need a date that Melissa and sons are unavailable to meet you.)

Cleveland Airport, Ohio (CLE) - $300.00

Pittsburgh Airport, PA (PIT) - $300.00

Columbus Airport, Ohio (CMH) - $600.00

Other private airport within 150 miles - $2.00/mile from Minerva, Ohio (44657)

Or, your nanny can accompany your beautiful new baby on a flight to the airport of your choice! Our charge for flight-nanny service is:

*Base charge for 1 day - $800.00 - includes first $250.00 of airfare & pet fees

*Airfare in excess of $250.00 or additional travel days will be an extra charge.

**Rest assured your nanny will fly with your puppy only, not others, and will give him/her the care and attention he/she deserves. Flying and travelling can be stressful for pets, and Della and Holly want the moment you're meeting your new forever fur-baby to be the very best possible!

Because airfares are unpredictable, please contact us to lock in your quote and confirm the itinerary if you choose to have one of us fly your precious cargo to you. We can also provide a quote for special requests such as for more than one puppy.

Please be aware of the airline policy of one pet per person.

**For reservations or questions, please text or call Holly at (931) 267-8164 and mention you are buying a puppy from Stone Quarry Bulldogs.