Health Guarantee

*this must be signed at our home, (we have them printed out) during puppy pick up*
Your new puppy comes with a one-year health guarantee, vet checked, current vaccinations, microchipped, AKC registered, and dewormed.  When you purchase a puppy, you agree that you have read our "About Purchasing" section below and understand it fully.  You also agree to optimize your puppy's health by keeping him/her on the NuVet Supplements they are accustomed to, by ordering on "autoship" to make sure that you don't forget.
All of our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health and free from visible signs of infection and contagious or communicable diseases when purchased. We guarantee the puppy to be free of any life threatening congenital (genetic) defects for one year from the date of birth.
A licensed veterinarian must examine your puppy within 72 hours of delivery. If your puppy, in the opinion of both veterinarians, (buyers and sellers) has any physical problems considered to be life threatening, we will provide you with a healthy replacement puppy of equal value. (of our available puppies, or when one is available)**If you refuse to bring the puppy back, or send it back, you are accepting responsibility and this guarantee is null and void. We are not responsible to give cash refunds under any circumstances. but If we feel our puppy would not receive proper care, we may at our discretion give a cash refund in lieu of a replacement puppy.
We must be notified at once at the onset of a problem, in writing, with a report from the veterinarian. All records are to be made available to us, and buyer agrees to allow veterinarian to disclose all information to us, this is to protect us from any type of criminal scams on the part of unscrupulous individuals. ***Attention- If you refuse to return puppy at the onset of a problem at our request, you are accepting responsibility for the puppy and we will not be responsible to replace it at a later date*** IF you fail to disclose all vet records, and give your vet permission to disclose all vet records/reports to us, this guarantee is null and void and you will not receive a replacement puppy.
This guarantee does not include kennel cough which is like a common cold. Kennel cough must run it's course, recovery is expected, and kennel cough on it's own is not life threatening. Buyer is aware that English Bulldogs are prone to heat stroke and will be responsible to provide an environment that is healthy for their puppy. The buyer has also researched and is knowledgeable of the bulldog breed, and the following conditions are not covered in the congenital (genetic) or hereditary health guarantee: Demodetic mange. cherry eyes, entropian, loose hips, skin allergies, food allergies, coccidian, internal parasites, bacterial or viral infections, elongated soft palette, and nasal snares.
If the puppy is returned to us, all shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. A returned puppy must be returned to us in good condition. To qualify for this guarantee, you must have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed veterinarian. The care must include all vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian. Buyer must keep vet records on all care or guarantee will be void. Purchaser must have agreed to purchase NuVet supplements and provide NuVet supplements to puppy for one full year, (duration of guarantee) or guarantee is VOID. (This is to ensure proper nutrition of puppy) To save 15% ORDER on AUTOSHIP. To order by phone, call 1-800-474-7044, Order code #93803. You can also order by simply clicking the link. We strongly recommend keeping the puppy on the NuVet supplements throughout his/her life.

Should the puppy die of a birth defect within one year, we will provide a replacement puppy. To qualify for this guarantee, you must have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed veterinarian. The care must include all vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian. To make a claim, you must bring a signed certificate from the licensed veterinarian stating the cause of death and a copy of ALL of your puppy’s health records. This must include an autopsy and laboratory report.
Replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be from comparable bloodlines whenever possible. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact parents of the original puppy. However, it is our desire to please, and we will work with our buyers to ensure satisfaction.
No puppy shall be euthanized without seller’s knowledge and consent (except in an extreme case where humane treatment requires immediate attention).
Whether the purchaser decides to return a puppy that has a problem that is covered by our guarantee, or not, (thereby accepting responsibility for care of puppy), we will not be responsible for any vet bills, and we will not be responsible in the future  to replace the puppy, so we stress that you make certain you do not want a replacement puppy at that time, we will not be responsible months or years down the road. Buyer agrees that online or offline libel and/or slandering or any defamation at all whatsoever to Stone Quarry Bulldogs, Melissa Riley, Robert Riley, or their children or dogs, either by himself/herself or an accomplice of buyer, will result in $5,000 to be paid by buyer to seller for damages incurred per instance. If you are a slanderer and do not wish to agree to this, that is fine, we would rather not sell a puppy to you in that case. It is much too easy to have a bad day and lash out on the internet, most people would never do this, however there are those few, or they threaten to do so to receive money, we would rather not sell to those types in the first place.
NOTE: There is NO guarantee against hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, parasites, umbilical hernias, undescended testicle, elongated soft palette, nasal snares, and viral or bacterial infections. There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction and demodectic mange that are not covered by this guarantee. No joint problems are covered; this includes hips, knees or any other joints.  Buyer must research the breed and understand that the confirmation of the breed invites certain problems. Short stocky builds promote these joint problems. The wrinkles in the skin promote irritation problems. Wrinkles may also promote eye problems. None of these are covered. An overweight bulldog can also lead to health issues. We esteem that the NuVet suppliments are a REQUIREMENT to lessen the probability of such problems, as is a nutritious diet of quality food such as Life's Abundance. Please keep your puppy on the NuVet after the guarantee, it really helps with many possible, common canine ailments!
Buyer is aware that English Bulldogs are prone to heat stroke and will be responsible to provide an environment that is healthy for their puppy. All vet charges incurred by the purchaser are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will under no circumstances be paid by us.
This guarantee is not transferred to any other parties, it is between original buyer and seller only. If the new owner is unable to keep the puppy for any certain reasons, we will agree to accept ownership back to us (we may also assist in shipping charges) This will ensure that the dog/puppy's future welfare is not jeopardized by being in a home where it is not wanted or placed in a shelter.
Any dispute or litigation concerning this health guarantee that cannot be settled by Stone Quarry Bulldogs and new owner must be settled in Columbiana County, Ohio. This is only to protect us against fraud and con artists.
Our puppies are sold as PET QUALITY puppies. We do not guarantee your puppy to be able to sire or whelp puppies. There is NO guarantee on the color or size of this puppy now or as an adult. Please do not take your puppy into public places, unless absolutely necessary, until the puppy has had all of its vaccinations (as recommended by your veterinarian) to ensure immunity against disease. We ask that you purchase Health Insurance for your puppy. Make sure you understand what your insurance covers. It would be best if you involved your vet in the selection of a policy. He/She could best advise you on what coverage you would likely need for an English Bulldog. Having insurance would ensure that you could give your dog the care it needs immediately. Thank you for purchasing a puppy from us. It is our desire that you and your new bulldog puppy will spend many years of companionship together.
THIS CONTRACT IS PUT IN PLACE TO MAKE A HAPPY TRANSACTION BETWEEN BUYER AND SELLER.  EVERY CUSTOMER signs this health guarantee when they pick up their' new puppy.
We DO NOT give cash refunds, only replacement puppies! I have carefully read this document and agree to these terms.
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