Welcome to Our Farm!! Newly updated Oct. 2022.

What You Will See: (scroll down for photos)

We love animals! You will not see 100 bulldogs, or 60 bulldogs, or even 30 bulldogs ever, as we are a small breeder, never having more bulldogs than what we can accommodate. 

We raise cows, sheep, and goats, and you may see them grazing. You will also see our newly constructed 3,100 square foot top of the line kennel facility with radiant in-floor heat for our beloved bulldogs! Our dogs all have orthopedic mats to sleep on, and are treated with respect, dignity, compassion and LOVE! Our dogs are VERY well-socialized, all know their’ names and are not timid or shy in any way at all. Very interactive and intelligent! We take special care, and consider thoughtfully, when we pair a female and male together for breeding.

You may see our bulldogs out at playtime, as they are regularly exercised in our very large outdoor play area, (shaded and with pools). We are also adding a new indoor doggie exercise area in October 2022! We like keeping our bulldogs happy and healthy, as they are a part of our family.

**Our kennel facility has been AKC inspected and found to be COMPLIANT as you will see in the photos below. 

Our kennel facility is a joyful hub of activity with a large office, also used for congregating with our bulldogs, and a fully equipped grooming area with a professional stainless steel tub. **Our kennel has HEATED FLOORING…and it is bright and airy with many large windows and it is cleaned twice each day. Our dogs are probably the friendliest dogs you will ever meet! Our new moms and their’ babies are kept INSIDE our fully-insulated, air-conditioned, and heated nursery area, (about 20 feet from us) and the puppies are extremely well socialized, as you will see!