Females from Stone Quarry Bulldogs, English Bulldog Breeders

These gorgeous AKC registered, female English Bulldogs are the mothers of the English Bulldog Puppies on our Available puppies page, and are all excellent examples of the bulldog breed! All of our Adult bulldogs (male and female) are fed a balanced diet including Life's Abundance "All Life Stages" food and Nuvet Supplements. Feel free to contact us via email at minibulldogs@yahoo.com with any and all inquiries. >>Click here to order Life's Abundance<<

REMI! She's a wonderful, lilac-tri merle english bulldog.

ANGEL! She is a stunning (Gray) BLUE MERLE MINI (small) ENGLISH BULLDOG***click on photos to enlarge...Angel weighs 31 lbs.

LITTLE DEBBIE! Our smallest mini english bulldog.... ***click on photos to enlarge...Debbie weighs around 28 lbs. Debbie is a merle english bulldog.

SKYLAR! Her father is BUSTER**Click on photos to enlarge!** she weighs about 40 lbs. She is a blue, (gray) english bulldog and can produce any colored puppies!

GRACIE! **Click on photos to enlarge!** She is a tri merle english bulldog. Her father is MERLE.


AGATHA! She is a tri merle english bulldog. This girl and her sister Gracie are stunning!

STORMY! MERLE MINI (small) ENGLISH BULLDOG***click on photos to enlarge...STORMY weighs around 30 lbs.

CAMMIE: This wonderful girl is the daughter of Agatha and Nitro!