AKC certified English Bulldogs owned by our breeding partners! 

Scroll down to see pictures of our partner's English Bulldog Adults located in Ohio. ***Open Monday-Saturday, closed Sundays!*** CLICK HERE TO ORDER LIFE'S ABUNDANCE "All Life Stages" dog food.

Beautiful bullies from our breeding partners! A bulldog paradise!

SADIE! She is the daughter of STELLA and BRUCE.


STELLA is an adorable mini! 

CLARABELLE! Granddaughter of BRUCE... 

IZZY! Her grandfather is BRUCE.

BOOMER! (We co-own this handsome guy!)

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See our "future breedings" page for due dates and photos of FUTURE Breedings**

We have more puppies coming soon!

We were so happy to know OUR puppy was LIVE on ESPN! ILA'S father MASTER CHIEF is the same bloodline our male TOPPER is from! TOPPER's Grandmother PEBBLES was the litter-mate sister to MASTER CHIEF. They came from Champion CHEROKEE LEGEND ROCK... (He is still the top specialty-winning bulldog in history and was the #1 bulldog in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

You may reserve a puppy with a $500.00 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason at all whatsoever.
(Just as we do not do cash refunds at all) Please read our guarantee before placing a deposit.
Click the "buy now" button to make a $500.00 non-refundable, deposit to reserve a puppy. (3% convenience fees apply for credit/debit/paypal)

**If planning to use paypal for the final payment on your puppy, please pay in advance before you come, as paypal sometimes puts a "temporary hold" on payments before they clear* This website is updated weekly! When you have made a selection, or have additional questions, simply email Melissa at minibulldogs@yahoo.com. Thank you! 

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Puppy Check List & Preparation

You will need a puppy bed, bowls, and crate (if crate training).

Before puppy comes home you will need to find a reputable veterinarian, knowledgeable about English Bulldogs. You will need to order your NuVet supplements, and Life's Abundance dog food, "All Life's Stages" (in the 8 lb. bag) Do not order a larger bag, it will not be fresh by the time it is empty. Please note, if you order on "auto shipment" you will get a discounted price! My favorite products are the "porky puffs" and "kiwi and mango, fresh bath mist".

After Puppy Arrives

This is the time to measure for a collar, and pick up a collar and leash for your bully, start using it now so he, or she, gets used to it. Always have fresh water available for your puppy, even when crated! Make sure not to leave puppy in the crate for too long, and make sure you get the largest crate available! Make your vet appointment within 3 working days of your new baby's arrival! Make sure you take the shot record with you to the vet! Have your puppy wormed at your initial visit, and one more time two weeks later. Do not take your puppy around other dogs, until the vaccinations are completed at 15 weeks. By this time, you will need to increase to the 13 lb. Life's abundance dog food, as your puppy is now eating much more.

Bulldogs can over-heat in the summertime, so we recommend getting a kiddie pool, (the turtle sandbox works great!) try to get him/her used to it, it can save his/her life someday....If your bully ever is out playing and shows signs of labored breathing (called roaring) you will need to get cool water and a fan blowing on him immediately, even getting him under a garden hose, or in the bathtub immediately, this can be a life or death situation.

We are always available if you have any questions after you purchase your puppy!! Call or email us anytime!

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