Our AKC registered English Bulldog studs!

We offer AKC English Bulldog Stud Service with our AKC English Bulldogs and Mini English Bulldog males! If you are interested in using one of our beautiful males to breed with your female, Contact us at 330-858-4488 or minibulldogs@yahoo.com for more information. **We have added a section below our male's section with details about using our males-please scroll down for more information**

BIG BOY BOOMER: He is a GORGEOUS LILAC TRI AKC English Bulldog stud! Stud fee with BOOMER-$1,200 (he can produce blue, chocolate, and lilac english bulldog puppies)

STONE QUARRY'S BUSTER:This is our beautiful Black and white AKC English Bulldog! He can produce Blue, Black, Chocolate, and Lilac English Bulldog Puppies! Stud fee-$1,200

STONE QUARRY'S BEEFY BOY:This is our beautiful LILAC TRI MERLE AKC English Bulldog! He can produce Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac and Merle English Bulldog Puppies! Stud fee-$1,400

STONE QUARRY'S RAMBLIN' ROCCO: He is a beautiful AKC English Bulldog Stud! Stud fee-$800. He is the son of BRUCE. He carries the blue, black and tri genes. 

STONE QUARRY'S MARVELOUS MERLEHe is a beautiful AKC MERLE Bulldog stud! Stud fee-$1,500. **Merle is a producer** He is the father of TUBBS!

STONE QUARRY'S TUBBS! (son of MERLE) He is a beautiful Blue tri MERLE, AKC English Bulldog stud! He weighs 50 lbs. Stud fee with TUBBS-$1,800 


BRUCE WAYNE E.P.T. BULLDOGS: He is the great-great grandfather of many of our puppies!

STONE QUARRY'S GUSTAVHe is the grandfather of many of our puppies... 

STONE QUARRY'S NITRO: He is the grandfather of many of our puppies!


Services we provide to customers using our studs**

We can breed your female at our location in Minerva Ohio when your female is ready, Or if you live too far, we do also ship chilled semen to your veterinarian's office over-night with fed ex. There are additional shipping charges per sample. This includes a chilled insulated box, and sample of chilled semen with extender. We repeat the breeding if it is unsuccessful the first time.


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***Our puppies and Adults are currently eating the "ALL LIFE STAGES" for puppies and adults, click the link above to order. No corn, wheat or GLUTEN.