Our AKC registered English Bulldog studs!

We offer AKC English Bulldog Stud Service with our AKC English Bulldogs and Mini English Bulldog males! If you are interested in using one of our beautiful males to breed with your female, Contact us at 330-858-4487 or minibulldogs@yahoo.com for more information.

Boots: This beautiful 52-pound AKC English Bulldog stud is the son of AKC Grand Champion, Majestic's I'm Her Man. Boot's mother and father are both AKC Grand Champions, and he has 48 champions in 5 generations! **Click on photos to enlarge!



Bruce: He is a beautiful Blue AKC English Bulldog stud! He has tri (fawn) markings. He weighs 50 lbs and his puppies will all carry the blue, black and tri genes! Stud fee with Bruce-$1,500





BUSTER: This is our beautiful Black AKC English Bulldog! He is a Quad carrier- that means he can produce Blue, Black, Chocolate, and Lilac English Bulldog Puppies! We hope he will become a producer in the latter part of 2017! Stud fee-$2,000





Stone Quarry's TOP NOTCH...AKA "Topper" is a Brindle AKC English Bulldog stud. He is currently our smallest male, and available for stud service. We would be willing to ship to you, or you can bring your female to us. Stud service fee is $700. Topper has the potential of producing some nice Brindle Mini English Bulldog puppies! He is about 40 lbs