Life’s Abundance


The brand of dog food you feed is the most important decision you can make as an english bulldog owner!



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 Life’s Abundance has never had a recall….

***Our personal experience with Life’s Abundance***

Initially, I had only tried Life’s Abundance for one of my dogs, to see if I could tell a difference in how he looked, and behaved, his digestion, etc. I was very skeptical to say the least, but Life’s Abundance is excellent food and it took less than a week to start noticing a difference. The first change that occurred was the amount of waste my dog was eliminating, and it was firm, very easy to clean up. Secondly, his coat started to look better than it had before, and third was the shedding and tear staining I had noticed with the other food, so now, I was convinced, this was the dog food we were going to use! But, just for good measure, I decided to do a taste test, and I have done this numerous times, (even though the health benefits should outweigh the taste) I still wanted to know that my dogs at least liked the product….So, I proceeded to fill their dishes, one side with the former premium brand we had been using, and Life’s Abundance on the other side…and it was unanimous! My bulldogs preferred the taste of the Life’s Abundance food over the other brand.

I then switched my bulldogs and puppies to the Life’s Abundance All Life Stages Food and I am very pleased with this food, I also have on my Autoship the Kiwi and Mango bath fresh mist, porky puffs,  floor cleaner, bio-deodorizer, and grain-free cat food. Our bulldogs and puppies absolutely love porky puffs, we send a porky puff home with our puppies when they are sold, and we also send home a small portion of the All Life Stages food.