We breed AKC certified English bulldogs, standard size and mini-size…and rare colors too…  *~~Scroll down and click on photos to enlarge!~

GOLDIE and BRUCE have 5 puppies! Will be 9 weeks at Christmas. 2 Blue tri males-$4,000. 2 Blue-fawn males-$3000. 1 sable mini female-$2500

BLACKBERRY and BUSTER have puppies! Will be 7 weeks at Christmas. (2 males-2 females left)$3,000

2018 Litters on the way!

(scroll down for photos)

RUBY is expecting puppies with BRUCE!! Price-$2,800. 1st pick AVAILABLE! (due Dec. 20th) These should be small to medium size.


OREO is expecting puppies with TOPPER! Price-$3,000. 1st pick SOLD! (due Dec.25th) These should be mini size.


MISSY is expecting puppies with BUSTER! Price-Blues $4,000, Blacks $3,500, Sables $3,000. 1st pick AVAILABLE! These should be standard size. (due the beginning of Jan.)


BLUEBERRY is expecting puppies with BRUCE! (this is a repeat breeding) Price-$4,000. 1st pick AVAILABLE! (due Jan. 6th)


STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE is expecting puppies with BUSTER! Price-$3,000. 1st pick SOLD. (due Jan. 7th)


To reserve a puppy from one of our upcoming litters click the buy now button to make a 500.00 deposit.